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12.03.2014 - Digital Fabrication Workflows at Autodesk University
02.13.2014 - Thesis at UC Berkeley
07.24.2013 - Workshop and Keynote at AIAS Conference in DC


Multi-Objective Design Optimization city is a proposal for an evolutionary master plan organizing the growth for a ultra high density urban village, near Chengdu, China. Completed for the first annual Vertical Cities Asia… competition and colloquium at the National University of Singapore. The design team developed an agent-based model that simulates the growth of the city. The iteration presented is a result of simulation and environmental data from similar communities that have developed within the Sichuan region.

The system works by analyzing a series of conceivable operations to plan for the city at a moment in time. Data is collected from the inhabitants of the city regarding their favorite places within the city, most traveled and most congested areas and spaces of neglect. The development of the city is deliberately slowed in order to encourage a successful community that does responds to the real needs of its inhabitants.

The development is built into three main types; towers, webs and courtyards. Courtyards support low density development up to three stories in height. Webs are anywhere from six to ten stories in height and subdivide the kilometer square site. Towers occur at high density intersections of webs and grow incrementally from thirty to eighty stories tall.

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