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12.03.2014 - Digital Fabrication Workflows at Autodesk University
02.13.2014 - Thesis at UC Berkeley
07.24.2013 - Workshop and Keynote at AIAS Conference in DC

Adaptive Construction Systems

The boundary between temporary and permanent has always been a subject of inquiry for architects. Temporary building systems are often thought of as sub-par, while closer examination shows that all architecture is temporary and subject to readjustment or obliteration as the needs of its community change over time. The MACS (Magnetic Adaptive Construction System) is a method of building that rests on the boundary between the temporary and permanent.

The SpaceLab is an experimental facility for the production of test environments, facilitated by the Adaptive Construction System. The 6400 SF office is associated with on-site dwellings and a test site for built simulations up to a 5000 SF footprint and three stories. Located in Petaluma, California, the project takes advantage of a neglected site near the center of town adjacent to iconic grain silos and a railroad station. The dynamic nature of the building advertises the services and presence of the SpaceLab within the city.

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